Little Babooshka’s Grind (LBG)

Band Members :
Arjun Janakiram - Vocals / Guitars
Avneet Janakiram - Guitars 
Aum Janakiram - Vocals / Bass 
Hari Boskey - Keys 
Marky Spitnik - Drums

Little Babooshka’s Grind (LBG) is an Alternative Rock band from Chennai, formed in 1995 and is one of the pioneers of performing original music in Chennai. A Babooshka (Matryoshka) is a Russian nesting doll. A set of Matryoshka dolls consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has in turn another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually six or more. They create and weave magic and now after years of extensive hard work, innumerable shows, intense practice sessions, rock hard determination and suffering fools, LBG has reached a point where you just cant not notice and the band realizes that spreading music means spreading the true message.

EP 'Blue Butterfly Express' 1999 Track List :

1. Blue Butterfly
2. Doll  YouTube
3. House of Cards
4. Election Song
5. Lost In Space

Album 'This Animal Is Called The Wallet' 2004 Track List :

1. Better Than This
2. Little Child  YouTube 
3. Codeine
4. High
5. Everbody Wants To.....
6. Sweet China Lady
7. Revolution
8. Antibioni
9. Money
10. Wrong
11. Send My Love
12. Take Me The Govt.
13. Scaravag
14. Shannigan The Rat King
15. Burn
16. More Than The Colour Green

Album 'Bad Children' 2006 Track List :

1. We Won't Fall Down  YouTube 
2. Bad Children  YouTube
3. Breathe  YouTube
4. Untitled  YouTube 
5. Soma  YouTube
6. 2 Frequencies  YouTube
7. Alien Girlfriend  YouTube
8. Part of Me  YouTube
9. Super Cat  Live YouTube
10. Plastic  YouTube
11. Basics of Life  Video YouTube  

Single Track List :

1. Big Big Words  Video  
2. Wake Up  Video  

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