Parachute XVI

Band Members :
Ananth Menon - Guitars / Vocals
Ganesh Krishnaswami - Bass / Vocals 
Snehal Pinto - Keyboards
Sachin Moogi - Drums

Parachute XVI is a Progadelic-Blues Rock band from Bangalore, formed in 2009. Soaring ballads, crunchy rock’n’roll riffs, adventures in time signatures, ‘progadelia’, or just flat out improvisation; Parachute XVI seamlessly mould themselves into a musical organism lending cadence to the theory of the greater whole - each of their musical sensibilities and their influences are channeled into pieces of art that can truly be called their own. This is no hobby for Parachute XVI, and nothing is done in half measure as they obsessively think up ways of taking their music and their band to the next level. Not many Indian bands will record in the first few months of their existence, most are content jamming around covers trying to 'find themselves'.

EP 'Sodium Trail And The Current Beantown Voice' 2009 Track List :

1. Walk : Rewind  YouTube 
2. 60 Watt Sun
3. 05/04
4. Mobius' Trip

Single Track List :

1. The Narcophiliac feat. Fuzzy  Mp3
2. The Day Before Last feat. Fuzzy  Mp3
3. Malted Milk
4. Signe

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