Band Members :
Soumyo – Vocals / Lyrics
Samriddha – Guitars
Debarshi - Bass
Saar - Drums / Percussion
Jafar - Keyboards / Vocals

Prachir is a Hard Rock band from Kolkata, formed in August 2006. The word Prachir means 'The Wall'. However the band members would like to interpret it in a different manner. The sources of inspiration behind the survival and existence are the obstacle which they have faced as a band through out the journey. That’s how they have matured as a stronger cohesive unit and thus the band aptly named PRACHIR – (Fighting against odds) formed. The band specializes in the Modern Age Alternative Music. They created an emphatic buzz and made their presence felt Nationwide. Prachir is a band with a conscience.

Album 'Protibad' 2008 Track List :

1. Bharat Borsho  Video
2. Tsunami  Video
3. Hotash Prithibi
4. Sadhinota
5. Shrinkhal  Live
6. Uttorer Bhire  YouTube 
7. Porichoy  Video 

EP 'Chhera Paata' 2017 Track List :

1. Bhoy
2. Surjyer Sathe
3. Aasol Nijeke

Single Track List :

1. Seo To Aami  YouTube 
2. Banglar Dhaak  Video
3. Adbhut E Duniyae
4. Thakchhi Na Ar Chhaddobeshe  YouTube 

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1 comment:

  1. Prachir really is the best Bangle rock band the country has produced.. in terms of their lyrics and hardcore metal music, they are the only real band that stands a competition with neighbouring Bangladeshi metal bands like Warfaze or Black.
    I have been following them since their days in [V]LaunchPad, and I am glad to say that they have never disappointed me with any song.. they always have exceeded my expectations, they hold a cherished place in my heart...