Band Members :
Anchal Bhargava - Vocals
Ravi Kumar - Guitars (High Frequency)
Divyanshu Gupta - Bass (KillKount)

Vishesh Singh - Drums (Fragarak)

Elemental is a Death Metal band from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), formed in September 2012. Currently the band is working on their debut album titled 'Creation of The Damned' but before that they will be releasing a 5-track EP.

Single Track List :

1. Bleed For My Deed
2. Smell of Fear  Live  
3. Bad Blood  Live  
4. Rampant Felony  Live  
5. The Last Death  Live 1 Live 2
6. Necrophage  Live  
7. Inhumane Purge  Live YouTube  
8. Deos Nigros  Live
9. I'm The One Who Dwells Within  Live 1 Live 2
10. Devil's Incest  Live YouTube 

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