Band Members :
Vasav Vashisht - Vocals
Tazeem Raza - Classical Guitars
Anirban Ghosh - Bass / Vocals
Nitesh Vasandani - Drums

Prestorika is a Progressive Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2001, with heavy music as their binding factor. Early influences of the gods of metal - Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth, bloomed in the later years to define the characteristic Prestorika shred sound. Making their mark across the country, performing and winning accolades across all major music festivals, Prestorika earned a repute of one the leading heavy metal acts of the nation. Prestorika play a combination of something very new and energetic. People listening to melodic, thrash and speed metal will be knocked out by Prestorika’s music. The band is truly a complete package with a different Heavy Metal sound.

EP 'Emergence' 2005 Track List :

1. Sycophant
2. Hoist My Soul  YouTube 
3. His Mission
4. Here I'm Gone
5. Shameless Pride  YouTube

Album 'The Most Confidential Knowledge' 2009 Track List :

1. Access Denied  YouTube  
2. Exploding Anger  YouTube
3. Lost In You  Live YouTube
4. For You  YouTube
5. Slow And Simple  YouTube
6. The Mirror  YouTube
7. Black Eyed Priest
8. No Sharps To Be  YouTube
9. The Destroyer  YouTube
10. 447-The Most confidential Knowledge  YouTube
11. Not My Way (Garage Mix)  YouTube

Single Track List :

1. Evil Within  YouTube  

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  1. Kindly update your site. RAHUL LAL, VIKAS DHARAMSATTU, AND NIKHIL JHINGAN ARE NO MORE PART OF PRESTORIKA. Instead, add these names -

    Guitars - Ravee Arora
    Guitars - Tridib Choudhary
    Bass - Baan