Band Members :
Aditya - Vocals
Satchith - Guitars / Vocals
Vijay - Drums
Varun - Bass

Synaps is an Alternative Rock band from Bangalore, formed in 2000. Synaps is redefining themselves again, asking the right questions and working hard for what they believe in. The line-up has changed a couple of times and that again has been a revelation for the band.

Album 'Check This Side Up' 2006 Track List :

1. 54
2. My Side Up
3. Run
4. West Side Difference  Mp3 YouTube
5. Leave Me Out
6. Freedom
7. Evilution
8. Uncalled For…
9. The Last Chapter

Single Track List :

1. Someother Another
2. Diseased
3. I Didn’t Like It
4. Crazy
5. Toned
6. Bootylicious
7. Wings
8. Money  Video

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