Bull Engine (previously known as 'Plague of Bishops')

Band Members :
Parikshit Soni - Guitars / Vocals
Akshit - Bass / Backing Vocals

Yatin Sharma - Drums / Backing Vocals

Bull Engine (previously known as 'Plague of Bishops') is a Grunge / Punk Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2006. Bull engine is the first band in Delhi having a contractship with Delhi Common Wealth Games 2010 under the sponsorship of Tissot Watches. Bull Engine is the first band in Delhi having a partnership with PCRA (Govt. Co.). They have performed several stage shows across all over India in 2008 and grabbed several awards under "Plague of Bishops". The music has come across best to the generation due to the similarity in the thought and their vision is to became one of the leading band wagon in mainstream. The band is known for their powerful performance, setting stage on fire with their 18+ rated songs and extreme madness.

Single Track List :

1. Stay Away
2. Reject Yourself  YouTube 
3. Sex With An Angel
4. Wetland
5. Spring Fields
6. Stroke Your Baby
7. Knockout

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