Band Members :
Kunzang - Vocals
Victor - Bass
Siddhartha - Drums

DamagEra (Damage Era) is a Thrash / Death Metal band from Gangtok (Sikkim), formed in March 2011. Damagera previously known as Future History, the brainchild of Siddartha (Flashflood). The band played the prestigious North Eastern Rockers Contest at Gangtok, bagging the second place in it's first outing ousting other good bands from the region. Damagera is highly influenced by a lot of thrash band's from the 80's n the modern contemporary band's playing Groove / Thrash / Metalcore. The bands plan to record and tour extensively. The band is known for their High Voltage No Compromise Live performances.

EP 'Karma' 2012 Track List :

1.  Enemy of My Own  Mp3 YouTube
2. Rope of Misery  Live
3. Karma
4. Eternal Agony  Live 
5. Damned For Eternity (Outro)

Single Track List :

1. DOA (The Haunted)  Live 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
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