Band Members :
Anup Cowkur - Vocals
Rijusatvik - Guitars
Varun Sharma - Guitars
Rohit Nikam - Bass
Sidhesh Iyer - Keyboards
Nachiket kalburgi - Drums

Dammit is an Alternative / Garage / Punk band from Dharwad, Karnataka. The band is trying to influence the world just a little bit at a time through their music with the help of those with open hearts and open minds. They are great musicians, and they seem to mesh really well together. The overt national consciousness / paranoia / rebellion of the band bleeds into their EP and their album art. The cover art shows the symbolic weapons destroying a stick figure resulting in pixel-patch spurts of blood. Anup’s english is perfect, and his voice compliments their groove perfectly as well. As far as punk bands go, these guys kick ass! Their lyrics and song concepts are full of purpose and they’ll also just rock the fuck out.

EP 'Confused' 2010 Track List :

1. Confused
2. State of My Nation

3. Hero

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  1. you guys were awesome ya....
    nice show........

  2. hey as an indian just a free suggestion try for some indian band songs lik euphoria or pak band like jal.........
    they too have songs better then your pink floyad.....
    don't mind i said just a free suggestion lik indian.......

  3. To Anonymous from May 7,2011. Are you stupid? Euphoria and Jal better than Floyd?!