Death In Serenity

Band Members :
Prabhushan - Vocals / Guitars / Samples and Programming
Sameer - Guitars / Vocals and Outsourcing (TSBH)
Session Members : 
Sonam Lachungpa - Guitars (Still Waters)

Death In Serenity is a (Gothic) Death Metal band from Gangtok, Sikkim, which started off as an experimental project which started off after some people got together to play for a college fest. Basically, this is a pet project of Prabhushan. The members are hobbyist musicians who have to take time off for the music. Musically, they aims to create original music making use of a wide range of influences. The music is mostly metal-based with a diverse set of styles and genres infused within each song. There is a strong emphasis on melody, lyrics and song structure as well. The primary influences of the band range from rock to ear shattering metal and all their sub genres. They still functions as a hobby for the members and the aim is to carry on making and playing music for as long as possible. Their existence is just for the passion the members share to create music that is both appealing and "hybrid" at the same time. The main focus is to create music blending the various genres and influences and has no commercial aims or aspirations whatsoever.

Single Track List :

1. Monolithic Introversion  Video
2. Azeotropic Agony
3. Taken
4. Human 

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