Band Members :
Saurabh Roy - Vocals
Ramanan - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Rangarajan - Bass / Backing Vocals
Raghav - Keyboards
Reet - Drums

Dementia is a Progressive Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2009. The band incorporates elements from various other genre’s into their music to create something which is very different from what is already out there or has been heard from selective artists. Their music is a mix of progressive, groove, thrash and Indian sounds. The band was on haitus since 2013 and is again active from early 2015.

Single Track List :

1. Nature Comes Alive (Shiv Tandav)  YouTube 
2. Empty Heart
3. Mirage  YouTube 
4. Devotion
5. Condescending My Dream
6. Arcube  YouTube
7. Delusion  Mp3 
8. Behind You
9. I Belong  YouTube 
10. Am I?
11. Parable Misinderstood

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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