Band Members :
Lari Blah - Vocals
Iuni Dhar - Bass
Jonathan Dkhar - Drums

Dwar is a Progressive / Melodic Metal band from Shillong, formed in November 2005. Dwar means "A Door" which signifies a way or passage through which one's dreams, hopes and aspirations can be realized. Their influences ranges from the Classic Rock-Metal to Technical-Death and Progressive Metal. They have participated in many National and Local Beat Contests and Competitions and have won several competitions and had performed in, around and outside Meghalaya.

Demo 'Dwar' 2009 Track List :

1. The Beginning To An End
2. By Your Side  YouTube 
3. We Are But Slaves

Single Track List :

1. Never Again
2. Last Strain
3. Ultimate Choice
4. Keep The Promise Alive (HIV-theme song)

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  1. forever we will be,forever we will shine,whateva it takes ill stand by your side...lalalalala just cant stop humming this song...amazing...!!!