Blek formerly known as Blech

Band Members :
Rishi Bradoo - Vocals / Guitars
Jared Juan Creado - Bass / Vocals
Linford D'souza - Drums

Blek (formerly known as Blech) is an Alternative Rock band from Malad, Mumbai, formed in 2009 as 'Blech'.  Their meeting was a result of idleness, flunky frustration, each of them bringing a different style and influence they've been on a song writing trip, well! ever since they were formed. Though one must be warned they are a bunch of stubborn mules when it comes to playing originals. Best description though would be at a gig. 

EP 'Made In Malad' 2010 Track List : [Under the name Blech]

1. Random Frequent Flyer Dent
2. Changeling
3. Orange
4. Runner Man From Mars
5. Soup

EP "Hexes + Drama, And Other Reasons For Evacuation" 2012 Track List : 

1. Hexes + Drama
2. Running Into Walls Occasionally Helps
3. Minus The Makeup  Live 
4. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
5. Fog + Strobe
6. The Monkey Song (Bonus Track)

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EP 'Break The Beat' 2017 Track List :

1. Composure
2. Wasting Away
3. Dance With Wolves
4. Break The Beat

Single Track List :

1. I Don't Want You
2. Novocain

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