Galeej Gurus

Band Members :
Nathan Lee Harris - Vocals 
Naveen Thomas Joseph - Guitars
Ananth Menon - Guitars / Vocals
Matthew Harris - Bass
Kishan Balaji - Drums

Galeej Gurus is an Alternative / Indie Rock band from Bangalore, formed in 2000. They consider Galeej and Gurus to be two ends of the spectrum of this journey and therefore consider the band name to be symbolic of The Journey that Everyman must make in their lives. They believe that they must evolve from being 'Galeej' to being 'Gurus' at the end of this musical spectrum. They are a band that believes in exploring music and also to have as much fun as possible doing it. Their music is never easy to categorize, worst of all by themselves, but circumstances have forced them to come up with a genre by which it can be classified (something no band likes to do for sure!) – so they’ve settled on Progressive Funk – or more recently – Progressive Blue Rock. Being from such disparate backgrounds only adds to the colour in the music rather than take away from it. One can see shades of artistes as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Deep Purple in Galeej music, with the occasional Indian classical tint stepping in for effect. The band has, is, and always will, continue to push the boundaries of their understanding of music – and their limitations to find the perfect expression of five individual souls thrumming in harmony. 

Single Track List :

1. Physiological Breakdown
2. High Above
3. Make Some Noise
4. Play On
5. Blind
6. She's Mine
7. Loser  Live 
8. Where Were You  Live  

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