Not Yet Decided

Band Members :
Kabya Ghosh - Vocals
Sam - Guitars
Kanad Roy - Bass
Sayan - Drums

Not Yet Decided or NYD is an Experimental Nu-Metal band from Kolkata, formed in February 2010. As the name might suggest a degree of quirkiness, this is a 'band' that creates the kind of music that's well..'not yet decided'! The band blends Nu-Metal / Alternative Metal, Modern Rock, Post-Grunge and some good 90's Grunge with an incredible panache that is quite amazing to say the least. The band believes in having a good time while playing their brand of music and displays a highly energetic stage act that might just make you tear off your daily schedule and join in the merriment. The band believes in playing music that they all collectively enjoy, they don't play music to prove anything or establish their credentials as musicians.

EP 'Broken Blunted Censored' 2017 Track List :

1. Sexty Seconds
2. Masti Maar
3. Deny Me
4. Doggystyle
5. Haramcore

Single Track List :

1. Walk Away
2. Who's Your Daddy Now
3. Don't Try This At Home

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