Band Members :
Pranab Gohain - Vocals
Sumit - Guitars
Prasad 'Pasha' Ruparel - Guitars
Swapnil - Bass
Viru – Drums / Percussion

Prayag is a Hindi Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2002. Prayag’s music aims to be spiritual as well as sensual, rocking as well as thought provoking, kick as well as soothing. They are about influences from different shores intermingling to create a new sound that experiments freely with soundscapes, defies genre barriers and is as uniquely Indian as it its rooted in rock. They found a lot in common, eventually. The determination to create rock music that goes beyond imitation. To sing about life as they lived it, not some Westerner on a dark desert highway. To not care about aping the stars, but to express what they felt, in the language they thought in.

Album 'Chapter 1' 2009 Track List :

1. Raaste  YouTube 
2. Tejo Mahalaya
3. Aa Paas Aa
4. Naya Savera
5. Kal Akele
6. Shanti
7. Waat

Album 'Udaan' 2010 Track List :

1. Bas Karo  YouTube 
2. Langoor Gaya Sheher Dekhne  YouTube
3. Kal Akele  YouTube 
4. Daud
5. Udaan  YouTube
6. Kehdo Kabhi  Video YouTube 
7. Raaste  YouTube YouTube
8. Naya Savera

Single Track List :

1. Yeh Baatein  Mp3 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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