Chaotic Years

Band Members :
Sajoy Cherian - Vocals
Abhishek Tirkey - Guitars
Nabeel - Guitars
Romel John - Bass
Taz James - Keyboards
Jacob Shawn - Drums / Percussion

Chaotic Years is a Symphonic Metal band from Trivandrum (Kerala), formed in the fall of 2008 from their old line up of the band XPG (Xpress Generation). Their music is a mix of Classic Theater and Orchestral music combined with the elements of Metal. Lyrical content are dark but uplifting. Their song "Years of Glory" is quite different both on music and lyrics from what they keep themselves to be. Song compositions and lyrics are mostly done by keyboardist, Taz James.

Album 'Elegies of The Distant' 2012 Track List :

1. Novus Initium Act I
2. Years Of Glory
3. Drops of Empty Predicaments

4. By My Side
5. Will It Ever Rain?

6. Holy Phantom
7. Elegies of The Distant
8. Just Let Me In

9. Novus Initium Act II
Bonus Track: Son of Myself (Nightwish Cover)

Single Track List :

1. A Fatal Lullaby

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