Band Members :
Abhishek Nair - Vocals
Deepak Rk - Bass / Backing Vocals
Dev Rk - Drums
Mehar Chumble
Shubham Annamwar
Priyam Gadhvi

Anthracite is a Nu-Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. The band believes in making music that appeals to all kinds of audiences without actually deviating 'Metal' roots.

Album 'Groove Sandwich' 2013 Track List :

1. Gravity
2. Urgent Decision
3. Inner Voice  Video 
4. Offtune
5. Facts
6. Suger Neck
7. Static Me
8. Pulse

Single Track List :

1. Found My Way
2. No Fear Left
3. Her Nectar
4. Sid "Dick" Fury
5. Yawn
6. Rap Illusion  Video 
7. Holograms

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  1. I saw these guys at Umang.they demolished the show.tight frikking song.although it was disappointing that they didnt make it through cuz of the stupid no metal at umang policy.
    would love to hear more from them.

  2. heard u guys at reverbnation...love no fear left..! when are you guys going to perform that live!?

  3. hi..im frm anthracite..thanks for the above comments :)
    we'd like to thank whoever created this page for us:)
    also if u can change the lineup now..we got a new lineup..so change it whenever possible :)
    thanks again

  4. who made this page?

  5. Just need a bit of scroll downwards and you get it..........

  6. go on ANTHRACITE..!!!u ppl rock!!!!!

  7. hey guys....wish u gt international-accolades!ALL D BEST!!!

  8. they god damn rock! those guys are just O_O specially ABHI THE MAGNIFICENT! AWESOME VOCALS!

  9. New link for the music. http://soundcloud.com/anthracite7

  10. new in this city ... willing to join a nu metal band as a guitarist ... here is my soundcloud prof link


    anyone here ? plz get back to me at 9833631668 or mail me at samik.metalcore@gmail.com

  11. Hi ppl, I'm newly shifted in mumbai ... looking to join a nu metal band as a guitarist ... here is my demos ... https://soundcloud.com/samik-dutta ... please knock me at 9833631668 if there is any opening