Band Members :
Trish - Vocals
Bijit Bora - Guitars / Vocals
Rahul - Bass Guitars
Ajay - Keyboards
Sean - Drums

PSYX is a versatile Rock band from Jorhat (Assam), formed in April 2000 by Bijit Bora. In 2008, they later shifted to Mumbai. Their influences range all the way from thrash, progressive and 80's metal (as in their original compositions) to blues, the classic scene and glam metal. They loved being called a versatile rock band because as far as their covers were concerned they played a diverse range of music from Rock N Roll oldies to new generation thrash, progressive rock and heavy metal.

Singles Track List :

1. The Other Side (The Environment Song)
2. Ready To Rock    
3. F
4. Insanity Sanity
5. Highway Cruiser
6. Flight of The Ego
7. Livin' With Yesterday
8. The Aggression Inside (Speed Metal)
9. You Got Me Spinning Round (Reggae)
10. I'm So Confused (Instrumental)
11. The Dreamer
12. The Journey Henceforth

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