Band Members :
Vipul Chopra - Vocals / Guitars
Hardeep Singh - Classical Vocals
Rohit Joshi - Guitars / Vocals
Avneesh Sharma - Bass
Rahul - Percussion
Mohit Nainar - Drums

Swastik is an Alternative Rock band from Chandigarh - Dehradun, formed in 2007 by Rohit Joshi. The band have delivered the very finest Hindi Rock music – tightly crafted songs, floor-shaking rhythms and unmistakable harmonies. The band was formed with the vision of promoting hindi rock scene on the national circuit. Their most songs are related to youth which enables young college students to relate to the songs more which further adds on to popularity of the songs.

Single Track List :

1. Daaru  Video 
2. Kuch Bhi Kar Lo  Video 
3. Jogi  Video  
4. Andhere Seher Live Video  
5. Nadiya Ke Paar  YouTube 
6. Main Chahta Hoon  Video 

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  1. hii sir i m big fan of your i m Miss Himachal semfinalist and also selected for beafh angles ..sir i want to record a vedio with ur band .