The Autumn Leaf

Band Members :
Jay - Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Manoj - Drums / Vocals
Suresh - Lead Guitars
Paul - Bass

The Autumn Leaf is a Classic Rock band from Trivandrum, Bangalore, formed in 1990. They have been a band from 1990 to 1998 and then they split for 12 years, now they have come back. Its present members Jay and Manoj with their friends started a college band playing small time gigs in Colleges. Some time through Paul joined them as Bassist and the trio became a known team in the circuit. However the band got its name when axeman Suresh joined and the band re-christened itself with a new outlook. The Autumn Leaf was a regular feature in TV and Played some Kickass Gigs. The band was regarded high in the rock music circuit and had a very good fan base.The band played their swan song in 1997 amidst great fan fare and rumours of split spreading across. The Autumn Leaf has re-united after 12 years to bring out their New Album "Nowhere To Hide".

EP 'Nowhere To Hide' 2009 Track List :

1. The Autumnleaf  Video 
2. Hold Me
3. Ice & Dreams
4. Twilight Zone
5. Boogie Boogie Mama  Video  
6. Nowhere To Hide
7.  Lost Dreams
8. Zephyr  Video 
9. Mother
10. When I Love

Single Track List :

1. Let Me In
2. Green Heart
3. I Am Confused 
4. Wood House  Live  

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