Band Members :
Sovik Dutta - Vocals
Tone Huidrom - Guitars
Nilanjan Bose - Guitars
Arijit Kar - Drums

Wajud is a Progressive Rock band from Kolkata. Wajud stands for ‘existence’ in Urdu. For the band though, it signifies their fight for existence. Identifying music as their only form of expression the band has come together to satisfy their musical needs as well as to reach out to the hearts of people. Its constant efforts have been channelized towards creating a unique original sound ranging from progressive, alternative to soft rock tracks that also prove to be a lyrical extravaganza. Their music is a manifestation of feelings expressed through profound lyrics that they choose to write in Hindi. With each members tastes and influences put together Wajud is an uncommon unison  of creativity.

Single Track List :

1. Insaniyat Ka Wajud
2. Tum Hi Ho
3. Jehad
5. Pari
6. Tere Liye
7. Kyun
8. Jeetengay
9. Saaza

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