Weird Anxiety

Band Members :
Karan Sharma 'Plague' - Vocals
Tejaswi Lohumi - Vocals / Flutes / Guitars / Keyboards
Abhinav Sharma - Guitars
Porus - Guitars
Gurjot Singh - Drums

Weird Anxiety is a Progressive Dark Metal band from Shimla, formed in December 2003. Their music can best be defined as Progressive-Dark Metal, a music genre truly unique in itself. They create a dark aura which is greatly done by the synthy they possess. Their music is so different that no other band on the entire globe fits in this  genre. A blitzkrieg on the drums, neanderthal growls and screams mixed with guttural grunts and pig squeals, mellow bass-lines, polyrhythmic riffing accompanied with melancholic, ambient melodies and surreal keyboard tones filling the entire spectrum.

EP 'Act I Scene I' 2011 Track List :

1. Just When It Started To Darkout In Heaven  YouTube 
2. God Still Hates Me

3. Maid of The Mist

Album 'The Plot Thickens' Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. An Odyssey In Remorse
2. Mama, Don't Let Me Drown Away
3. Sorrows On The Wind
4. Flower In Lapel
5. A Sonnet In The Airs of Suffocation
6. The Lonely Daffodil

Single Track List :

1. The Blair Witch
2. Benevolence

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