Band Members :
Rohan - Vocals
Rob - Guitars /  Backing Vocals
Pablo - Bass / Backing Vocals
Bo - Drums

Zappata is a Hardcore band from Kolkata. This band is the blooming of Post Hardcore that some in the city have anticipated while some overlooked or just did not notice. On the road to discover more melodies closer to one’s heart, Zappata has emerged with a sound that screams honesty and looks truth in the eyes. Detaching the frills from this one, it comes straight with a punchy sound, consisting of warm and edgy melodies like the wound and the medication in one pack. At this point in time, lets just say that its unpretentious music made by unpretentious people.

Single Track List :

1. Reach
2. Flood
3. Underneath The Mesh
4. Drying Up To The Core

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