Allegro Fudge

Band Members :
Saahas Patil - Vocals
Jason Zachariah - Piano
Anish Nadh - Guitars
Alok Pandurangi - Bass
Shreyas Dipali - Drums

Allegro Fudge is an Acoustic Rock band from Bangalore, formed in October 2010. Their songs have a distinct flavour of their own and draw inspiration from our everyday lives. Allegro Fudge draws from the experience and the flavour that each musician brings, ranging from Blues, Country, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Metal to Pop to make very interesting music which doesn’t attempt to sound like anyone or be anything but becomes a musical counterpoint.

Album 'Maximum City' 2012 Track List :

1. Adrift
2. Day Dreamer
3. Colors Fly  Video YouTube
 4. Far Away  YouTube 
 5. The Enchantress And The Hillbillies
 6. Waiting
7. Hear Them Say
8. City of Sin
9. Rock All Night
10. Eye To Eye
11. Maximum City

Single Track List :

1. Constant Paralysis
2. Plight
3. Ignorant Lot
4. Tea Woman
5. Promises
6. Tears of Kashmir
7. When We're Gone
8. O Holy Night
9. Dream Out Loud

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