Pritham Denzil D'Souza

Member :
Pritham Denzil D'Souza - All Guitars / Bass / Acoustics / Drum Programming

Solo Projects :
Morbid Pitbull - Instrumental Rock / Shred
The Electric Tears - Instrumental Electro / Acoustic Rock
Sticky Frog - Instrumental / Bizarre Jazz / Progressive Thrash
In Desolation - Instrumental Doom / Sludge
Obire Diem - Melodic Dark Metal
Mob Fury - Old School Thrash Metal
Bed Pan Boy - Everything / Comedy
Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Instrumental Metal
Phallusy - Metal
Cannibal Crops - Death Metal

Pritham Denzil D'Souza aka Metal Farmer or Pittu is a die-hard true metal addict from Mangalore who plays guitar without using a guitar plectrumIn 1998, his first metal band "The Outlaws" (formed in 1994) played their first college fest and the song was Judas Priest's 'Breaking The Law' where the crowd response was tremendous and everyone stood up cheering and clapping and doing pretty much whatever is expected from a rock concert. In 1999, Pritham moved to Bangalore and formed his own band named "Phallusy" with spirited musicians, but the band split-up soon. Pritham then started paying with "Arcane Ritual", but it also end up soon. He then decided to play just for himself and not to be part of any band or scene. Pritham’s solo effort resulted in his first EP ‘The Farmer’ which had 11 tracks of blistering NWOBHM-influenced heavy metal and was widely appreciated. Pritham was then offered a record deal and a chance to record the same EP with vocals and live drums by Gamalzagoth, vocalist of the cult German black metal band "Moonblood" who was a huge trash and heavy metal maniac. Matters beyond Pittu’s control and the lack of suitable musicians made him politely refuse the offer.

Morbid Pitbull
Genre : Instrumental Rock / Shred

Album 'The Celestial Voyage' 2008 Track List :

1. The Celestial Voyage  YouTube 
2. Auburn Twilight
3. The Evergreen Script
4. Grudgingly Receding Highway Skyline
5. Splintered Visions Of Imagination
6. Why Bother
7. Together Forever
 8. Die Hippy Hippy Die
 9. Much Obliged 

Album 'PugEnstein' 2009 Track List :
 (not a real album, is a collection of demos recorded between 2006 to 2008)

1. Die Hippy Hippy Die
2. Grudgingly Receding Highway Skyline
3. Farmer’s Paradox
4. Deliverance
5. Manure
6. Together Forever
7. Soul Possesed In Haunted Woods
8. Cadaver Stock Room (feat Count Vishak)
9. Angel Eyes
10. March of
The Army Ants
11. Breeze of Optimism (Roshan’s Song)
12. Moving on 
13. Pingoo Sena
14. Metal Beethovan
15. Splintered Versions
16. Sleepy
Trooper (Up The Irons)

The Electric Tears 
Genre : Instrumental Electro / Acoustic Rock

Album 'While My Guitar Gently Creeps' 2009 Track List :

1. Lies and Betrayal  YouTube 
2. Hope and Redemption  YouTube 
3. Harvest The Bitter Tears
4. Breeze of Optimizm
5. Dance The Night With Me
6. Sorrowful Farewell
7. Lazarus (Porcupine Tree Tribute)  YouTube
8. A Lonely Sunset
9. Inamorata

Sticky Frog 
Genre : Instrumental / Bizarre Jazz / Progressive Thrash

Album 'Frog Wars : Attack of The Space Frogs' 2009 Track List :

1. King Wan
2. Noises In My Head
3. Mosquito Encaphelon Squeaky Surgery M.E.S.S.
4. Slime Army
5. Goopli Mouse
6. Ling's Secret
7. Chimpoo Compounder
8. Will Kill For Peace
9. Human Bean

 In Desolation
Genre : Instrumental Doom / Sludge

Album 'A Slow Death' 2010 Track List :

1. A Slow Death
2. This Emptyness
3. Wooed By Moonlit Quicksand
4. Betaal's Banquet Hall
5. Soul Possessed In Haunted Woods

Obire Diem
Genre : Melodic Dark Metal

Other Members :
Lyrics - Luna Hraf
Guitars - Angel Ripper
Vocals - Azsoud

Album 'Concedere Vita' 2010 Track List :

1. Shattered
2. Crevice
3. Mirror
4. Shallow Dreams
5. Fenrir  YouTube 
6. When I Sleep
7. Dying Edge
8. No More
9. The World Keeps Turning

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 Mob Fury 
Genre : Old School Thrash Metal

Single Track List :

1. New World Disorder
2. March of The Army Ants
3. Amen ft. Rossogolla

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Bed Pan Boy
Genre : Everything / Comedy

Album 'Farm Yard Manure' 2008 Track List :

1. Manure
2. Pingoo Sena
3. Moving On
4. Farmer's Paradox
5. Cadaver Stock Room
6. Beethovan Can Metal Too
7. Angel Eyes
8. Soul Possessed in haunted Woods
9. Armpit Sniffer
10. Chopped Slut
11. Deliverance

Album 'Bed Pan Boy's Revenge' 2010 Track List :

1. Bed Pan Boy's Revenge
2. I Love The Night (Blue Oyster Cult Tribute Cover)
3. I Order My D.N.A. (Kryptos Spoof Tribute)
4. No Semblance at All (Acrid Semblance Spoof Tribute)
5. Tintumol
6. Twisted Lemon Essence (Essence Spoof Cover)
7. Unrelenting Surge of Flatulence (Demonic Resurrection Spoof Cover)

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Scavenger Of Human Sorrow 
Genre : Instrumental Metal

Single Track List :

 1. Shattered Existence
 2. My World Keeps Turning
 3. Tides Of Life
 4. At The Edge Of Death
 5. Light Fades Away
 6. Lycan
7. Mirror Of Lies
8. These Dreams

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Phallusy (Bangalore)
Genre : Metal

Single Track List :

1. Phallusy  Video

Cannibal Crops (Mangalore)
Genre : Death Metal

Rajeev krishnaswamy - Guest Vocals

Single Track List :

1. Revenge of The Scabby Man Impetigo Tribute
2. Addicted To Abortions
3. Foreskin Fester
4. Faggot Maggot

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