Band Members :
Vishal - Vocals
Harshit - Guitars
Nanda - Guitars
Grishma - Bass
Rahul - Drums

Asura is a Death / Black Metal band from Bangalore, Karnataka, formed in January 2005. Highly influenced by the prophecies pronounced by the ancient Vedic texts and the darkness within and around them. The band has gone through some minor lineup changes from the start and has over a period, attempted to make true music. A four track self produced demo entitled 'Shatru Samhara' was released in February 2006, after which they started working on their first full length album 'Mind's Eye' which was scheduled for a release by the end of 2008 (but have no information about the release). The track 'Saffronised Nightmare' was selected in Oriental Folk Metal compilation, along with the bands like Orphaned Land, Distorted and many others. Now the band has split-up.

Demo 'Shatru Samhara' 2006 Track List :

1. Intro / Saffronised Nightmare  YouTube 
2. Atmasiksha
3. Asura
4. Lateral Divinity  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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