Band Members :
Akshay Yadav - Vocals
Dill Vineet - Guitars
Siddhart - Bass
Solomon Benjamin - Drums

Bloodmaze is a Technical Death Metal band from Hyderabad, comprising of four members with different influences and valuable experience, it’s music tries to bring out melody from a maze of groove. The bands music and lyrics are based on personal issues that are seen in common society and yet which inspite of the intense personal impact still stands ignored. The music in itself is fast and groovy with the twist of technicality to add to the overall aura. As a genre, the band tries to create for itself a niche genre, by combining the elements of groovy death metal, melodic death metal and technical death metal with a touch of influence from grindcore as well.

Single Track List :

1. Bloodmaze  YouTube 
2. Mind Bender
3. Comatose
4. Destitute

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