Band Members :
Atea - Vocals
Boom Hangsing - Guitars / Keyboards
Joshua - Bass
RS - Drums

Boomarang is a Rock band from Aizawl (Mizoram), formed in 2005. The band started out performing covers before moving on to original material. Their song 'War' was featured on the Stupid Ditties 3 compilation. The band from Aizwal of the Great Indian Rock Fest and The Hornbill Rock Contest is one of the premier and great entertainer amongst the upcoming band of the nation. The band of four has a blend of blues and hip hop spiced up with a lot of nu-age metal leanings in their sounds which they liked to brand as ‘junk rock’. Irrespective of the genre they are in, the band is all out to entertain the rock denizenz and a give them one helluva great time.

EP 'Rhythm of A Revolution' Track List :

1. Who You Wanna Be
2. Hush  Mp3 
3. War  YouTube 
4. Circles
5. Rhythm of A Revolution  Live

Album 'Home' 2013 Track List :

1. War
2. Home  Mp3 Video
3. Burn  YouTube
4. The Trip  YouTube
5. Sober
6. Beautiful World
7. Leaving Babylon
8. Rock Star
9. Camouflage  Video Live
10. Kingdom of Pain
11. Stellar  Video Live YouTube
12. Who Do You Wanna Be
13. Rhythm of A Revolution
14. Hush

Single Track List :

1. Rebel
2. Cigarettes  YouTube

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  1. Where can we get "War" n "Cigarettes" By Boomerang???

  2. Is stellar an original song by boomerang or is it just some cover?

    1. 'Stellar' is an original song.

    2. Infect this one is approved by NASA as well.

    3. Infect ?? Huhuhu

  3. Boomarang is releasing their debut album "Home" today under Universal Music India.

  4. It is Boomarang and NOT Boomerang. I am so proud of you Atea, Boom, Joshua and RS, Mizo nih in ti nuam, Hard Rock Café ah ka rawn kal ngei dawn.

  5. where can i find the chords of stellar by boomarang???
    plz tell me ...

  6. An debut album'HOME' chu ka fapa tan ka lei ve ngei e. Ka tui pui ve lem lo a mahse hei ka fapa chuan a ti ri nghal tlut tlut mai le. Boomarang album a nei a a inti thei hle mai

  7. Ka chhuang teh Mai Che u Nia aw
    Mhse in album iTunes Store ah Ka Hmu zo tlt Lo

  8. Ka chhuang ltk Che u, Mhse in album "home" iTunes Store ah Ka Hmu zo tlt Lo