Deathaphor (Formerly known as Paracetamol)

Band Members :
Adwaita Chakma - Vocals
Nasen Chakma - Guitars / Vocals

Deathaphor (formerly known as Paracetamol) is an Experimental Metal from Agartala (Tripura), formed in August 2010 by Adwaita and Nasen. The band is a part of P.Society to taste the rock songs in one of the language of Tripura i.e. Chakma. They love music and love thrash, heavy stuffs. They are four teenagers dreaming to make a bigbang in music and believe their song can be the medicine of pains, heart broken people. They changed the name after releasing their album 'Mui Honna' on 14th April 2011.

Album 'Mui Honna' 2011 Track List : [Under Paracetamol]

1. Amio Bajibong
2. Gai Gai Gom Agong  YouTube 
3. Hala Savhonat  YouTube 
4. Hudu Tui  YouTube 
5. Mizey Hoda  YouTube 
6. Mui Honna  YouTube
7. Paranan Ecch
8. Sizi Pittimi

Album 'Ei Jinghani' 2013 Track List :

1. Tui Sara Anowdar
2. Honna Tui
3. Ei Jinghani
4. Hochpana  YouTube 
5. Nejeley Mo Monan Hari
6. Jhulgo Buyerot
7. Nejeley Mo Monan Hari (Unplugged)

EP 'Enemy of The People' 2016 Track List :

1. We Forgot Our Heroes
2. Killing The Architect Suicide
3. The Massacre  YouTube 
4. Enemy of The People
5. Gazetted Traitor

Single Track List :

1. Truth Beyond Lie  Mp3 YouTube 
2. I Am Free

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  1. Dear Friend,how i can download the all mp3 song...please tell me,THANKS YOU.

    1. http://deathaphor.bandcamp.com/