Dholki Wale

Band Members :
Jwalant Singh Gangwar (Tilchatta) - Vocals / Bass / Harmonica
Harshit Godha (Makkha) - Drums

Dholki Wale is a Dehati Metal band from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, formed on 11th of Jan 2010. 'Dehati Metal' means the combination of Funnyman Metal with a Dehati touch in lyrical themes and also music. None of the members were serious until they got to know about their boosting popularity on internet. Then, the band started working seriously. The themes of the songs are related to social concepts, injustice in society, love/relationships, typically about 'life'. They do make songs on such serious topics but in a funny and desi way. Mainly the lyrics are used to show the madness in member's minds. The music is normally hard rock/thrash metal sounding, though the intros and solos are used as funny elements in music.

Single Track List :

1. Jonga Ki Kahani  YouTube   
2. Pappu Chaiwala  YouTube  
3. Deewana Bakra  YouTube  
4. Dehati Metal  YouTube  
5. Maro Sajanwa  YouTube  
6. Bhayanak Banno

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  1. You all Rock...\m/

  2. where is bhayanak banno :O man that song is the best they have made so far