Disfigured Savior

Band Members :
Cardi - Vocals
Dibakar 'Dipon' Mallick
- Guitars
Sumit Dey - Bass
Dhruva Thakuria - Drums

Disfigured Savior is a Grindcore / Deathcore band from Guwahati, Assam. The band was formed when Raunak, Dipon and Som met each other through mutual friends and quickly realized their common love for creating brutal and technically complex music. Without wasting any time the trio quickly began work on their first composition. The band has undergone certain line-up changes. They create the sickest, most brutal music imaginable.

Single Tracks List :

1. Sickening Surgery
2. Black Soul 
3. Instrumental
4. Slammed By A Crowbar
5. Molestation of Cunt
6. Destruction of Destruction

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