Evil Conscience

Band Members :
Arunava Chakravarty - Vocals / Lyrics / Composer
Bob - Guitars / Composer

Ron - Guitars  Composer
Snehargho - Bass

Evil Conscience is a Technical Death Metal band from Kolkata, formed in 2010. Bands live performances are filled with extreme aggression, rapid and technical changes, sudden impacts pushing the boundaries of musical brutality towards its climax and also the release which takes place afterwards cooling, conditioning and preparing the atmosphere preparing for the next strike. They try to incorporate a lot of different genres into their playing style. A large variety of different sounds ranging from stoner metal to new age and experimental metal are used in their compositions. They have been vastly influenced by technical death metal bands, death-core bands as well as math-core, grind-core and Black metal bands. Their music is a unique blend of different sounds giving each composition its own unique flavour. The band is now signed to Slaughterhouse Records (Utah), US.

EP 'Death Is Only The Beginning' 2014 Track List :

1. Conspiracy Theory  Video YouTube
2. Grim Shutdown  YouTube
3. Death Is Only The Beginning  YouTube
4. Mammoth Rivalry  YouTube 
5. Sweet Pleasure Butchery  YouTube

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Single Track List :

1. Self Primary Unrest  YouTube 

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