Eximius Dominus

Band Members :
Tejas Dani - Vocals
Rishi Nandy - Guitars
Sid - Guitars
Kunal Dey - Bass / Vocals

Shreyas M Gune - Drums / Lyrics
Rajat Srivastava - Synth & Samples

Eximius Dominus (in Latin 'Eximius' means Extraordinary and 'Dominus' means Ruler / Dominator) is a Heroic Folk Metal band from Thane, Maharashtra, formed in 2009. They are interested in steering the Folk Metal genre into new horizons. The world over, there are numerous cultures and each of them has a distinct sound. They'd like to get inspired from them and create metal thats truly on a global scale and has a positive message. Their songs are mainly about Historical references of Wars, Mythology, Celestial Bodies, Folklore and Quirks about Human Nature from Past to present and Near Future. 

Demo 'Rise of The Warlords' 2010 Track List :

1. Wisdom of The Ancients  YouTube
2. Soul Bleeding From The Battle Wounds
3. Stoic Disposition
4. Warriors of Europa

Album 'Heroic Ascension' 2011 Track List :

1. Wisdom of The Ancients (Intro)  YouTube
2. Soul Bleeding From The Battle Wounds  YouTube
3. Stoic Disposition  YouTube 
4. Warriors of Europa  YouTube
5. Vengeance
6. Uncontrolled Valor
7. Parchment of Alchemy
8. Heroic Ascension
9. March Towards Oblivion (Outro)

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