Lone Rangers

Band Members :
Diko - Vocals
Raja - Guitars
Tuan - Bass
Chirey - Drums

Lone Rangers is a Hard Rock band from Kolkata, formed at the end of 2009. The band brings the lost age of Hair-Metal of the 80's revolutionized music back. Though sung in vernacular, their songs reflect the essence of a legacy. The distorted guitar riffs, hard hitting drumming, the shred guitar solos, all will take you back to the age of leather, spandex, and a whole lot of attitude. Raja, the founding member was a huge fan of hair metal bands like Europe and Whitesnake, who assembled a motley crew of musicians with varying musical tastes and came up with the name, after watching the movie 'Airheads'. The level on which these individuals gelled was amazing, pure poetry in motion. Ever since, Lone Rangers has been making waves in the bengali band scene. Though receptive audiences have been rare, they've managed to appeal to a large segment of the musical fraternity.

Single Track List :

1. Bangla Bondh
2. Priyotoma
3. Protibad
4. Rater Mondo Meye
5. Jajaborh
6. Aamra Lone Rangers
7. Golape o Kata Dai
8. Hridoyhina
9. Aami Je Cheyechi Tomay
10. Ananya

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  1. Dis band is purely class with technically good riffs and sound arrangements!! Got a promising future ahead and hav d ability to take bangla band music to some great heights...lone rangers rockz \m/..

  2. rajada tumi awesum....ami tomar kache sikhte chai....kivabe contact korbo bujhte parchi na.....plz reply dao ekhane