Saransh Agarwal

Band Members :
Saransh 'Kiko' Agarwal - Vocals / Guitars / Lyrics
Guest Artist :
Nikhil Mitra - Lead Guitars
Karan Sharma - Vocals

Saransh 'Kiko' Agarwal is an Acoustic / Rock artist who has been writing music since he was fifteen. Along with his music career, he is also finishing up with his college education in business Management, and currently shuttles between Worcester, Bangalore and Mumbai.  

Album 'Sunburnt' 2010 Track List : 

1. Smile
2. You Were Gone
3. Trying To Be Perfect
4. Sunshine
5. Tonight
6. Doves Fly By
7. Warm No More
8. Forever
9. Sunburnt 
Single Track List :

1. In Between You And Me
2. The Happy Song

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  1. Hi, Thanks for posting this. However Nikhil and Karan were just guest artists in the album. They are not part of 'band' as such.
    Thank you

  2. Hey Saransh could I have your contact please , I was hoping to call you for an event . Cheers !