Stoned Seahorse

Band Members :
Shrawan Banerjee - Vocals / Guitars / Production

Stoned Seahorse is an Alternative Rock solo project from Bangalore, formed in the summer '11. The bans was co-founded by Aakash Dusane and Shrawan Banerjee. The band was originally named "Death of a ZooZoo" and then "Death by Fault", before the founders decided on the name "Stoned Seahorse". There is really no meaning behind the name - the founders just thought of it as an unusual and a funny idea.

EP 'Stoned Seahorse' 2015 Track List :

1. Remember That Day? 
2. Falling
3. Benefit of Doubt
4. Unstill

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EP 'Sleepless' 2017 Track List :

1. Regurgitate
2. Huh
3. Together
4. Sleepless
5. Lorem Ipsum
6. Already Dead
7. Requiem

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Single Track List :

1. The Hell Gateway
2. Lemme Be

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