Stark Denial

Band Members :
Kunal Gonsalves - Vocals
Ruark D'souza - Guitars

Paresh Garude - Bass
Vineet Nair - Drums

Stark Denial is a Black Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2006 by Kunal and Ruark who decided to get along and create black metal with a different approach. The band started working on their original compositions and the first OC made is titled "The Unknown Word", after which the band has worked on more original songs. The band went on to create their brand of ferocious Black Metal and has made an impact in the Mumbai underground. Their track 'The Unknown Word' is been featured in an international compilation album Death Zone Compilation Vol. II and Evilil Demiom - Asian Black Metal Compilation.

EP 'War' 2013 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Gates of War
3. Wrath
4. Conquering Thy Enemies Throne  YouTube  
5. Panzer Division Marduk (Tribute To Marduk)

Album 'Covenant of Black' 2018 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Stark Denial  YouTube 
3. As Life Descends  YouTube 
4. Dormant Lie
5. Unknown World
6. Carnage Angel
7. Blackened
8. Covenant of Black
9. Hyllest Til Kulten (Bonus Track)

Download The Album

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