The Airborne

Band Members :
Chey Sangma - Vocals
Aditya Mauskar - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Ashish - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sukrit Chowdhary - Drums

The Airborne is an Alternative / Funk band from Delhi, who strives to follow the path of ingenuity and creativity. The line up of the band consists of individuals with experience and interest in different genres of Rock, from Blues to Progressive etc. Inspired by Guns N Roses and nurtured through the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Airborne has evolved from a fetal stage to a more complex, matured and collective group of musicians. The last recording session ended up with one of the most spectacular and rhythmic songs that they have ever composed was their debut track titled Pain. Quite aptly named 'PAIN', it constitutes and reflects the sweat, frustration, hard work and above all, the creativity it took for them to come up with this song. Currently, they are recording self-compositions, and hope to achieve the levels of success and popularity through their constant hard-work and measures employed for this endeavor. the band strives at increasing its level of standards set with every show that they play. It is a band that plays their kind of music at the same time keeping a constant set-point of acknowledging their clients as well ardent listeners and has evolved from being an amateur band to something of a force to reckon with, all the while not forgetting its roots that lay deep embedded in funk.

Single Track List :

1. Monika
2. Riff
3. Pain
4. Ka'pak Ka'pak Daka
5. Maroon

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