The Dirty Strikes

Band Members :
Kennedy Heigrujam - Vocals
Tom Meisnam - Guitars
Naoba Thingujam - Bass
Uma - Drums

The Dirty Strikes is a Post-Punk / Electro Indie-Rock band from Imphal (Manipur), formed in January 2010. The band has hit the rock scene of Manipur harder than ever with their self composed tracks. They released their debut self-titled EP on 24th April 2011, which is an amalgamation of innovative bass lines, experimental guitar tones and soothing vocals. While most of the bands from their home city are busy screaming death metal covers, they have created a whole new perspective of the softer side of rock.

EP 'The Dirty Strikes' 2011 Track List :

1. Where Do I Belong
2. When C Kiss Me, She Really Kiss Me  Mp3 YouTube  
3. Just A Patient Like Everyone
4. Hey! Who Kill Her?  Mp3 YouTube 
5. Like A Puzzle

Single Track List :

1. Good Damaged Girl  Video  
2. Leave Us Alone Or Give Us A Break
3. The Young And The Flying Machine  Video 

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  1. Superb!!! Really love these guys \m/ I have also got their debut self-titled album :)