The Mustangs

Band Members :
Derek Norris - Lead Vocals / Saxophone / Trumpet / Clarinet (now lives in Perth, Australia)
George Cherian - Lead Guitars / Violin / Vocals [1965-67] (now lives in Singapore)
Christopher Ratnam (Kittu) - Lead Guitars / Vocals [1967-68] (now lives in Bangalore)
Anand Padmanabhan (Paddy) - Percussion / Drums [1965-68] (now lives in Mysore)
Haroon Mohamed - Bass / Vocals [1965-68] (now lives in Melbourne, Australia)
Former Members :
Tim Tharasingh - Rhythm Guitars [1965-67] (now somewhere in India) 
Daryl Cordeiro - Rhythm Guitars [1967-68] (now in USA)

The Mustangs is a Rock band from Madras (Now Chennai), formed in 1965 and disbanded after 4 years. They were one of the most popular groups in India from 1965 to 1968. They played mainly instrumental surf numbers but gradually included vocals. They drew followers from across the country with their feisty brand of music, incorporating surf, blues and rock. They all studied in colleges in Madras and played to fans who were mainly from the schools and colleges of Madras. They even came out with the first Western LP in India, in association with HMV. In 1968 they released 2 records (45 RPM) for HMV. The first record consist 'Escape' and 'Theme from the movie - Gonks Go Beat' & the second record was an extended play consist 'Love Is Blue & Lies' and 'Nina's Theme & Summer Wine'. Derek, George, Kittu, Paddy and Haroon got back together for a reunion jam session in Madras (Chennai) and Bangalore in Jan 2010 after 45 years (then their average age is around 65).

EP 'Escape' Track List 

1. Escape  Stream YouTube  
2. Gonks Go Beat  Stream 



  2. I believe it was "Daryll" not "Daryl".

  3. Thank you for uploading this information and the mp3 and YouTube video. I had been searching for this under the wrong band name and wrong recording company for years. Finally! I am so glad that someone(meaning you) bothered to post this. I am very grateful for your enthusiasm and interest in older music.

  4. I am a 62 years old , living in Madras. When I come accross the news on Muastangs from The Hindu newspaper archive, I landed to this site. I am very much excited to get connected with Mustangs. I am a proud owner of the same EP 45 R.P.M. HMV record with " Escape " on one side and " Gonks Go Beat " on the other, in good condition. I wish to share this to all music lovers and lovers of Mustangs. I had enjoyed once, when I was 16 or 17, the live programme of Mustangs in Madras. Could it be possible to get connected by mail with any of Mustangs Team?

  5. The Mustangs performed yesterday at Catholic Club, Bangalore! It was wonderful, they are playing at Catholic Club after 51 years so their first performance at Catholic Club was in 1966.......... Wow! the youngest of them is only 69 years now....

    I personally requested Derick (Lead singer and Saxophonist) to perform "Escape" and they obliged and played it....