The Shakey Rays

Band Members :
Dhruva Gautham - Vocals / Guitars / Harmonica
Vikram Kannan - Vocals / Guitars
Niranjan Swaminathan - Drums / Percussion

Sheikh.N Yerbouti Tu Musiq

The Shakey Rays is an Indie Rock n Roll band from Chennai. The band combine the ancient traditions of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and swing with the aggressive energy and attitude of Garage Rock and Punk. The band released their debut album 'Tunes From The Big Belly' in August 2011.

Album 'Tunes From The Big Belly' 2011 Track List :

1. No Secret
2. This Is Where It All Begins
3. Late Night Tales
4. Queen Bee On The Radio
5. Hard To Understand
6. Down The Drain & 8 Floors High  Live 
7. I'm Gonna Catch That Train
8. Let's Build A Home  Live 
9. Sleeping In The Back of Her Car
10. One Look Out The Window

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