Virgin Creep

Band Members :
Anurag Sharma - Vocals
Suprativ Rabha - Guitars
Rupanka Parasar - Guitars
Adnan Ahmed - Bass
Himanka Ojha - Drums

Virgin Creep is an Alternative Rock band from Guwahati, formed in December 2010. The band had to change their name from "Battlelic Situation" to "Virgin Creep" after the band members (Som, Ishan, Kaushik) left the band for some reason. They combine hulky Alt-Metal riffs with gruff cigarette worn vocals, hook-laden grooves and a Rascall-flatt-esque cool. With a penchant for solid Groove-laced choruses and pop-infected hooks, the five piece have established themselves as one of the region’s most exciting and divisive live acts.

EP 'Awakening' 2012 Track List :

1. Fahrenheit 571
2. Becoming A Prisoner
  Mp3 YouTube 
3. This Insanity
4. Fallen Out
  Mp3 YouTube
5. Becoming A Prisoner (Acoustic)

Single Track List :

1. The Lost Faith  YouTube
2. Cross My Broken Heart
3. Brand New Day
4. In Pieces
5. Awake  YouTube 
6. Tomorrow Is Now  YouTube 

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  1. Hey! here is the teaser of "This Insanity" : http://youtu.be/4YH1bX_pm5k

    And our debut ep, Awakening, is due this month!