Band Members :
Kanav Bharadwaj - Vocals
Sankalp Singha - Guitars
Kaushik Madhab Das - Bass
Prithvi Raj Tikku - Drums

Agrath is an Experimental Metal band from Jalandhar (Punjab), formed in September 2010 by Sankalp, Jonah and Prithvi. Agarth in sanskrit means 'Leadership' and it is also the name of a demon goddess. The band is set to create out of the box music mixing a plethora of different sounds, and experimenting with various styles from deadly guitar riffs to spine chilling vocals and gravity defying drum fills. They call their genre a "Lab Metal".

Single Track List :

1. Forever
2. Sapianism
3. Hate
4. Velvet Touch
5. Utopian World
6. Miss It At Your Own Risk
7. Timeless
8. Don't Say Goodbye  Video 
9. Trauma  (Jam)Video 
10. Who's Your Daddy Now?  YouTube
11. Dreammaker
12. Fiend  (Jam)Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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