Exiled Sanity

Band Members :
Paromik Chakraborty - Vocals
Barshat - Guitars
Neeranjan Saha - Guitars
Ronnie Dutta - Bass
Deeptaroop Basu - Drums

Exiled Sanity is a Metal band from Kolkata, formed in December 2010. Compositions are made on concepts of visions of imaginations on estimation of extraordinary events that might occur in near future. Lyrics are written on a story mode focusing on the evolution of civilizations. Currently the band is working on their debut EP titled 'Redesigning Humans'.

Single Track List :

1. Twisted Route To Salvation  YouTube 
2. Redesigning Humans
3. Imprints On Terra Firma
4. Jaunt To An Enchanted Island
5. Misery In You
6. I Possess

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  1. I love that Twisted route to sanity \m/ you guys rock ....

  2. i love that Tisted route to sanity ... you guys rock \m/