Sidd Coutto

Member :
Sidd Coutto - Vocals / All Instruments
Other Members :
Rozelle Alphonso - Cello
Anushka Lewis - Harp
Hans Dalal - Tibetan Singing Bow 

Shefali Alvares - Vocals

Sidd Coutto is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Mumbai, who loves pop hooks and doesn’t like being constricted by genre. Sidd has played multiple roles in numerous bands, notably, drummer of Zero, singer of Helga’s Fun Castle, frontman of Tough on Tobacco, multi-instrumentalist with Ankur & The Ghalat Family as well as Vir Das’ Alien Chutney, Shor Bazaar, ViceVersa and more. Sidd performs his music in solo, duo and trio combinations as well as with his full band, The Sidd Coutto Experience. Sidd’s solo performances often involve live looping, with Sidd beatboxing and layering multiple instruments and sounds, while creating songs live and on-the-spot based on audience generated topics and genre suggestions. When not composing and performing music for himself, Sidd does the exact same thing for television, advertising, shows and films.

Album 'Sunny Side Up' 2011 Track List :

1. Free
2. I Need You  Live 
3. Aim To Please
4. You Don't Know Me
5. Split Into Two
6. Escape  Live  
7. Royal Family
8. Joyful

Single Track List :

1. Everything I'll Be
2. A Million Thanks (A Tribute To Amit Saigal)
3. The Maysns Know
4. Chor Polis - Batti Bandh
5. Good Day
6. Storm
7. I've Got A Feeling
8. Hallelujah
9. Fly On Little Bird
10. Kimaya
11. Reconsider
12. Sing The Blues
13. Liar
14. Can't You See  Live  
15. Baby  Live  

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