Band Members :
Manas Ullas
Rohit 'P-Man' Pereira
Sidd Coutto
Rahul Dhande 'BLunt'

ViceVersa is an Electronic Project started by Bangalore based music producer Manas Ullas, Mumbai based musicians Rohit Pereira aka P-Man and Sidd Coutto and rapper/DJ/producer Rahul Dhande aka BLunt known for their high-energy sets and crusades for fun. After releasing their first self-titled, debut EP in November 2012, ViceVersa has been performing consistently in the club and festival circuit across country. Now 2 EPs and an album old, ViceVersa has been performing consistently in the club and festival circuit across country. Their track ‘Celebration’ from the second EP Subchronicles is being featured as the theme song on the Vh1 TV show Vh1 Music Diaries, a show hosted by P-Man. ViceVersa collaborated with metal band Scribe to compose ‘Sallu Sanam’ and shot a music video for the same for TV show MTV Sync. ViceVersa also won the Best Electronica Artist Jury’s Choice at the Radio City Freedom Awards 2016. ViceVersa has released on Sept 7th, 2015 a brand new single 'Get Rowdy' a collaboration with DJ/producer Mr. Doss. The track also earned them a nomination at this year’s GIMA Awards for best electronica single.

EP 'ViceVersa' 2012 Track List :

1. MidiSwear  YouTube 
2. The Warning  Video Live YouTube 
3. Day Out
ft.Sidd Coutto  YouTube
4. Higher  YouTube 
5. The Vibe  YouTube 
6. Take Off  Live YouTube 
Bonus Tracks
7. Some Action
ft.Sid Coutto  YouTube
8. Like That  Live YouTube 
9. Bad Samurai ft.Siddharth Basrur  YouTube
10. We Are Not The Enemy ft.Keshav Dhar  YouTube

EP 'Subchronicles' 2014 Track List :

1. Easy Ft.Sidd Coutto
2. Habibi  Mp3 Video 
3. Celebration

Album 'Blunt Force Aroma' 2015 Track List :

1. Get Rowdy  Video 
2. All Blunts Blazin  YouTube
3. Lose Control  Video YouTube
4.Turn It Up  YouTube
5. Choke  YouTube
6. Wave  YouTube

Download The Album

Single Track List :

1. Mosaic ft.Shalmali Kholgade  YouTube
2. Organised Crime
3. Calling ft.Sid Coutto  YouTube
4. Send  YouTube 
5. Monotomy  Video 
6. Everything Eerie
7. V Are Not The Enemy  Live  
8. Saviour
9. Chal Hatt  Video  
10. Quiet
11. All I Need
12. Hollow  YouTube  
13. No  YouTube  
14. Tuesday  YouTube 

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