Band Members :
Ron Hazorika - Vocals
Rohan Kumar Das - Bass
Siddhant Das - Drums Programming

Mimanxa is a Technical Death Metal band from Guwahai (Assam), formed in late 2011. Mimanxa means 'the verdict' in Assamese. Its an extreme tech death metal band which draw influences from bands like Necrophagist and Nile. The song structures are complex and intricate with technical riffs, sudden tempo changes, fast drumming and insane vocals. Their track 'Aggrandizement of Hephaestus' is been featured in a compilation album titled 'Unsigned Metal Band Compilation Volume I' released by 'Sinister Path Promotions'.

Single Track List :

1. Siphoneptera
2. Aggrandizement of Hephaestus  Mp3 YouTube

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