Tough On Tobacco

Band Members :
Sidd Coutto - Vocals / Guitars (Zero)
Niranjan 'Pozy' Dhar - Guitars
Gaurav Gupta - Guitars / Vocals 

Johan Pais - Bass (Helga’s Fun Castle)
Jai Row Kavi - Drums / Vocals

Tough On Tobacco is an Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. Tough on Tobacco (the name) is meant as an anti-smoking mantra and  was formed by two-man (Sidd Coutto / Hans Dalal) production project with the sole intention of making music for music’s sake.  Johan Pais and Jai Row Kavi played with Sidd in Helga’s Fun Castle (HFC) while Gaurav Gupta and Pozy Dhar played with Sidd in Zero. HFC and Zero broke up in 2008 and Tough on Tobacco  was born. The gigs are fun. The music is easy. It’s time to get Tough on Tobacco. 

Album 'The Happy Goat' 2009 Track List :

1. Voices In My Head
2. Already Told You
3. Concert Piano
4. Consuella
5. Don't Leave Me Behind
6. Forest of Doom
7. Happy
8. Taxi Song  Video 
9. Tough On Tobacco
10. Wait Till The Night's Out

Album 'Big Big Joke' 2013 Track List :

1. Do What You Gotta Do
2. Yahweh
3. Follow Your Dreams
4. Nice
5. Ordinary
6. Big Big Joke
7. Love Love Love
8. Blow Yourself Away

Single Track List :

1. Sleep
2. Waiting
3. Everything I'll Be
4. Get Laid
5. Speak To Me
6. Play It Some Other Way
7. You Don't Know Me
8. You Got Me

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