Hypnotic Sunday

Band Members :
Natasha Chowdhury - Vocals
Divye Pallav - Guitars
Bhavye Pallav - Guitars
Abhishek Kumar - Bass
Ishwar Prasad - Drums
Session Members :

Akshay Deokuliar - Drums

Hypnotic Sunday is a Melodic Death / Thrash Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2009 by a bunch of self-trained and dedicated musicians with a common zeal and fire for music. The band was later joined by a Female vocalist who has a firm base in Operatic Vocals as well as Death Growls. The soul purpose of the band is to create music which reflects their influence of thrash along with the crazy concoction of extreme metal mayhem mixed with groove and melody. The band is well known for their euphoretic and vibrant live performances. This intoxicating blend of melody, influences, groove and insanity creates the Hypnotic effect.

Single Track List :

1. Blood Legend
2. The Follower
3. Deception

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